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8/10/16 It was a beautiful ritual. She selected four Angels special to my situation and did personalized prayer for what was needed for 7 days and the cards she pulled really seemed to resonate with the current feelings and with a reading she had done previously. She was good with answering questions I had as well, and the ritual felt magical through the videos.
6/11/15  This was very very accurate as are all of Dens readings. It was very uplifting and gave me hope! Not everything happened yet, but only a month has passed. In a more recent reading something was foreseen, actually she felt it wasn't gonna be me, but my co-worker, but this has happened to me. Maybe him soon too. Who knows, either way it definitely came true. I of course hope the positive things will happen/manifest soon too. ;D I am praying and visualizing a bright, positive future especially now when I need to do my best. Thanks to Den for all the help & insight I have been given! Brightest blessings to all who read this and never give up hope! Take your future into your hands and things will get better! (=
Mercury Retrograde Hoodoo Oil, Protection, Opens communications, Prevents misunderstandings, Love, Healing,
6/8/15  Made a huge difference love the oil
I have done several rituals with Den and this one has by far been the best to date. Den really puts everything into her work and it shows. An absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend!
5/29/15 The reading was done in a refreshing, uplifting and earthy manner that clarified my questions, intentions and the ways forward. It was also aesthetically pleasing. Denise's energy is very healing. Thank you and blessings!
5/20/15  I love this reader! She helped me plan my future very well with knowledgeable intuition and sent me a live video of the reading so I could see the cards and meanings. I can now prepare better for when events will take place. She helped me to stop worrying and I am truly grateful for this reading! Thanks Angelic Tarot!! Love & Blessings!




Block Buster Candle Ritual

3-27-18 I enjoyed watching Den performing my ritual . She pulls out cards to let me know what future events to prepare for . She also gave me bible scriptures to read to for the purpose of clearing my path . She cares about her clients . Thank so much Den, M, F.

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