1 month of Powerful Honey Jar Conjure Spell, to bring your lover to you, obtain a job or increase finances,

1 month of Powerful Honey Jar Conjure Spell, to bring your lover to you, obtain a job or increase finances,

All rituals are non-refundable once purchased. If you purchase multiple rituals, please keep in mind that I will purchase candles and products in advance for your rituals and will put you on my calendar, they will be non-refundable, once purchased.

No question and answer readings are allowed as this is not a reading it is a Honey jar ritual.

In this listing, For 29 days (every other day) I will keep lighting and feeding your powerful honey jar with candles going on at all times with prayer to specific deity for your request with our a Conjured Honey Jar which is a very powerful tool and very effective in hoodoo to bring / draw closer to you what you would like to attract in you life. I use the Power of the Bible and Tarot cards to enhance our ritual. For each 3 days throughout the month you will receive a video and different psalms to pray throughout the day combined with lunar energy as well I will pull 1-2 tarot cards from Tarot cards each 3 days to see how your ritual is going,  This ritual can be focused any area in your life that you would like to attract such as: A lover, A Job, New home, Fertility, better health, More money, Legal Matters and Prosperity.

Optional: At the end you I will mail out the Honey jar to you for you to keep so that you can continue to feed the jar each month with candle work and prayer.

*Please note this work does not guarantee outcomes. This is a setting of lights to your favorite deity for 29 days.

~-~-~-~-~~One of my testimonies from my Honey Jar ritual~-~-~-~-~~
From M~
Things are moving in my life! , I had a phone interview to this job that I wanted. It went well enough that they wanted to do a 2nd phone interview Also, another major thing that happened during this ritual period I had a total release of worry and stress I was carrying. In the past few weeks, I was very worried about everything and how things would work out, but now, it's all disappeared. The honey ritual is adding to my faith of a good future. It is so powerful! It has already solved the return of my security deposit (something I've spent 2 months trying to get). I just deposited my security deposit check today.

In Hoodoo conjure tradition, the purpose of this job is to draw a person, or something to you such as money. new job, health or if you are trying to conceive. 

The whole reason we do sweetening work is to draw someone or something 
to us. So it would make sense for us to add something to the honey jar that 
will draw. The next thing that almost always goes into my jars 
is Cinnamon; this removes all obstacles out of your way so your 
work can be a success. I pretty much stick with the same herbs 
and roots because they continue to work for me over and over again. I also 
always add my brand of Come to me & Sun Oil oil to all of the works I do with 
my clients. If a jar doesn't work the first time revise it and try again. I have also found 
that Psalm 23 works wonders when you are doing a honey jar for your 
You will receive a video for Days each 3 days throughout the 29 days and within those does I will use tarot cards & the pendulum to see how our work is going and will send you a prayer to recite during those days which will most likely be Psalms.

I will use  7 day candle. Depending on what the ritual is for, I will work with different candles/deities for the following:

The following condition candles are available:
~Erzulie for Love matters
~ Healing St. Raphael
~ Road-Opener
~ Uncrossing with St. Michael
~ Reversing negative issues with St. Michael
~ Money-Drawing with Goddess Abundantia
~ Prosperity with Goddess Abundantia
~ Money House Blessing
~ Happy Home and peaceful home with St. Martha
~ Stop Gossip stay away, St. Alex or San Alejo
~ Clarity, St Claire
~ Court Case. St. Michael and Goddess Athena
~ Soulmate Come to me candles (*Note this is not for a specific person in mind)
~ Marriage with Archangel Chamuel and (Psalms 45 & 46 will prayed)
~ Tarot Spells for ( Love, Money, Career, Healing and Spirit)
~ Safe Travel with St. Raphael
~ St. Michael (protection)
~ Guardian Angel Spirit Guide ( this candle is great when you would like to communicate or obtain protection and guidance from you Guardian Angel Psalm 91 will be prayed)
~ Psychic Opening with Purple candle and Archangel Raziel who is the Angel of Prophecies)
~ Fast Luck St Expedite
~ Attraction
~Problem Solving Archangel Uriel Orange or Yellow candle.
~Fertility Archangels Raphael and Gabriel
~Soul mate magnet with St. Anthony