2 oz Conjure Love Herbal Bath or incense to bring attract love, reconcilations, crossroads

2 oz Conjure Love Herbal Bath or incense to bring attract love, reconcilations, crossroads
2 oz Conjure Love Herbal Bath or incense to bring attract love, reconcilations,

Needing a cleansing? To attract fresh vibes for love? In my new herbal mix you can work with these combination of organic lavender, cloves, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Lemon Verbana to attract love and clear your aura and I infuse them with reiki symbols and prayer for your desired outcome before mailing them to you.

You can divide the packet for 3 nights during the waxing moon purchase a red candle and dedicate to your deity of choice for your situation and dedicate this ritual to them to help bring your desired outcome.

You can also use on charcoal as incense to cleanse your home of negative energies and attract love to your life.


Pomba Gira –is great when you want to communicate with someone that you haven’t been able to speak to. She rules: Messages and all communication, crossroads, doorways (physical and spiritual), keys, sex, cemetery gates, children and protection.

Symbols: Red hearts, the 4 queen cards, a necklace with dark pink and black beads.

Offerings: Pomegranate juice with exotic berry flavored wine color, cigarillos, chocolates

Oschun: Rivers, love and romance, gold, pregnancy, witchcraft and love or wishing spells, healing (especially emotional), weight loss.

Symbols: Gold, yellow butterflies, gold, diamonds, gold, yellow roses, gold and did I mention gold?

Offerings: Pumpkins, honey, cinnamon, lemons, coconut, yams, chicken, Goldschlager Liquor

Goddess Ezulie: Erzulie, or Ezili, is the Vodou Lwa (spirit or goddess) of love and women. She

has many forms, from coquette to fierce warrior mother to red-eyed weeping crone, and can be counted among either the Rada or Petwo lwa (spirits or gods). The Petwo rites arose in the New World during slavery, and Petwo lwa are characteristically dark and powerful, and called bitter (anme). Erzulie is a love goddess who developed during a time when slave owners broke up families and separated husbands and wives at will, and considered raping female slaves a pleasant way to produce more slaves. Offerings to Erzulie are all the sweet things She loves--perfume, sweet food, and desserts such as bananas fried in sugar.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, one of the twelve Olympian gods. In the Iliad, She is the daughter of Zeus and the Titoness Dione, though the usual legend is that She was born from the blood and foam on the surface of the Sea after Ouranos was castrated by Kronos. She represents the creative powers of nature and the sea.

There are many deities to work with this are just some listed above.