2 oz. Money Attraction conjure bath, attract prosperity, road-opening, obtain a new job

2 oz. Money Attraction conjure bath

Needing more abundance? Looking for a better job or improving a current job? In my new herbal mix you can work with these combination of organic Patchouli leaves, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar to attract abundance and infused them with reiki symbols and prayer for your desired outcome before mailing them to you.

You can divide the packet for 3 nights during the waxing moon purchase a green candle and dedicate to your deity of choice for your situation and dedicate this ritual to them to help bring your desired outcome.

You can also use on charcoal as incense to sweeten your home to attract prosperity in your life.


Goddess Abundantia is great for prosperity. Fertility, Abundance, Her message is that there is always enough, helps bring optimistic attitude,abundance in love, spirituality, joy, faith as well as protection of your savings and valuables.

Offerings: Cornucopia, gold coins, green candles, garnet, chalcedony

San Martin de Cabellero:

Draw clients to your business, brings prosperity to you. Money, luck and Prosperity

Offerings: red candle

Day of week: Tuesday

St Joseph:

Helps find a job.

Offering: Lily, honey jay

Color of candle is yellow

Day of week: Sunday

Psalms for your bath or incense: 4, 41 pray 3 times

There are many deities to work with this are just some listed above.