5 types of Divination in one reading. Tarot, Channeled Angel Crystal ball, Oracle cards, Bibliomancy & Pendulum JPG of reading is included

5 types of Divination in one reading. Tarot, Channeled Angel Crystal ball, Oracle cards, Bibliomancy & Pendulum JPG of reading is included

This is an awesome reading in which you will get 5-in-1 reading for any of your questions. I estimate the reading to be around 50 mins-1 hour. Plus you get a Rootwork consultation at the end of the reading for your situation.
***For a limited time I will be featuring this in-depth reading/consultation a introductory price***

*****The first part of the reading will be a Channeled messages thorugh my Crystal ball and if you have any questions you send them or I can just channel and get the messages from the divine to you. 

*****The 2nd part of the reading I will do a special spread with my tarot cards to see what they say to your situation regarding any matter ( Love, career, Money, and Health)

*****The 3rd part of the readng I will use my Oracle cards and I will do just a reading with the oracle cards to see what they say about your situation and will use a special elements spread will be used for this situation.

*****The 4th part of the reading part will be used, will with Bibliomancy to see what the message is sent to you from the Divine to see what message we receive. Many times through the sacred text we receive specific days or rituals we could do to resolve the situation.

*****The 5th part of the reading I will use the pendulum for your reading for your specific questions. Please send me 5-10 questions to see what the pendulum reveals.

****Conjure Rootwork consultation****
At the end of the reading. I will do a rootwork consultation-I will give you an evaluation of your situation and condition and provide advice, suggestions, and recommendations on how to deal with your situation through varied means, including prayer, spiritual development, and learning to cast your own spells. This sort of consultation differs from a reading in that your rootwork consultation I may not overtly tell your fortune or prophesy your future, but instead will give you wise spiritual counsel and advice, guided by my divinatory gifts. During a spiritual consultation, you can explain symptoms and signs in the recent past, and I will offer advice about spell-casting, altar work and prayers, or candle magic, and may offer prescriptions for talismans, mojo bags, herbal preparations, conjure oils or spiritual baths you can do to improve your situation.

**You will receive a Video of the reading which you can view and listen at your leisure and JPG picture of reading sent to your email to view with the reading within **48-72 hours of receipt of your payment**

You can now choose which deck you would like for your reading and email or convo with your payment of which you would like or I can suggest one for you based on your needs.