7 Chakra balancing Candle Ritual for 7 days

7 Chakra balancing Candle Ritual for 7 days

All rituals are non-refundable once purchased. If you purchase multiple rituals, please keep in mind that I will purchase candles and products in advance for your rituals and will put you on my calendar, they will be non-refundable, once purchased.

No question and answer readings are allowed as this is not a reading it is a ritual.

If you are feeling stagnant, stuck not able to move forward, love issues, health issues, finances, you may want to do a 7 day chakra balancing ritual, it will heal and bring balance to each chakra and in your life.

In this listing I am offering a 7 day balancing ritual, There are seven energy centers in the body called “chakras.” The seven chakras parallel the spine, and each one has certain qualities and associations. Each day I will pull one card from my chakra cards to get more guidance.
Each chakra represents an area in your life on the physical and the emotional level.
In this ritual will work each day to work on a specific chakra starting from the root and will end with the crown chakra. This is a great ritual to bring balance to your chakras.
I will work with specific herbs and oils for your specific for your situation.
Send me a convo with you specific request to tailor to your needs. 

"Can't guarantee outcomes, Den from AngelicTarot assume no liability or responsibility for any actions carried out based upon the advice given. All information offered in the ritual is offered as entertainment only.