7 day Reversing ritual

7 day Reversing ritual

All rituals are non-refundable once purchased. If you purchase multiple rituals, please keep in mind that I will purchase candles and products in advance for your rituals and will put you on my calendar, they will be non-refundable, once purchased.

No question and answer readings are allowed as this is not a reading it is a ritual.

This ritual is excellent to reverse all the negative energy around you. Have you felt the things are stagnant? Are things not moving? Our things going wrong? Are there obstacles after obstacles that you see that things don't get better? This candle can help reverse all the blockages and all the negative energies.

**You will receive 7 Videos, one for each day which ranges from 7-10 mins and they are that are included which you can view and listen at your leisure.

This listing is for a 7 day candle therapy working on your behalf and tailored to your specific needs

A 7-day candle will be dressed and loaded with crystals, herbs and oils, prayed over, and set for you. I will also create a petition parchment letter with your request on top of which the candle will burn. You will receive and Video and a brief description of what I saw in the candle and the prayer done for the 7days..
No readings are performed in this ritual.
With all my work, I can't guarntee outcomes