Beltane Oil, awaken passion, sensuality, turning on the heat, fertility, spice things up in your life

Beltane Oil

May 1st, Beltane is one sensual celebration of the erotic awakening of the Goddess and God, sometimes portrayed by participants as a Sacred Marriage between the May Queen and May King. We gather around the May Pole with ribbons, adorning a phallic symbol with our wishes and desires.

This oil is great to spice things up in your life, in your career, love life and its wonderful when trying to conceive. You can use this oil at any time.

To spice things in any area of your life:

Light a red candle, anoint the candle with my beltane oil, and anoint the candle with alot of cinnamon and cloves in a circular motion. Place the candle on a window where the sun illuminates it and place underneath the candle in a piece of parchment paper your wish with your name, dob and astrological sign. Place 4 tealights of any color around the candle to speed things up and you can add cinnamon incense if you have around the candle.


You can light an orange candle and dedicate this ritual to Mother Mary to help you conceive.

Pray psalm 102 & 103 each night and anoint the 4 corners of your bedroom with my beltane oil. It will help attract fertility in you life. Adding the rosary to Mother Mary for 9 Sundays is ideal.

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