Bridge Past life troubles to Current Life Reading


Great spread to see why certain cycles keep repeating or what you may need healing in this life from your past life to move on and remove obstacles.

Past Life:

1- Main theme of Past Life

2- What troubled you in Past Life

3- Troubles you had with other people in Past Life

4- How your Past Life ended


5- What your spirit learned/did when in the Afterlife, after leaving Past Life.

6- What your spirit promised itself when leaving the Afterlife to join Current Life.

Current Life:

7- Main theme of Current Life

8- Troubles in your Current Life brought by Past Life actions

9- Troubles in your Current Life brought on by spirits/souls from Past Life

10- Advice from cards to fulfill Current Life that was not fulfilled in Past Life

Note: Denise from Angelictarot assume no liability or responsibility for any actions carried out based upon the advice given. All information offered in the reading is offered as entertainment only.