Couple Past life connection Tarot Video reading


Are you dealing with difficult time with your partner? This spread can show what was you past life connection and you can learn more of why and how to improve your current situation.
1-2. Who Person 1 was in this past life
3-4 Who Person 2 was in this past life
4-5. Person 1's family background
6-7.Person 2's family background
8-9.Person 1's profession/social standing
10-11.Person 2's profession/social standing
12-13.How they met or come to know of each other (it's also possible they 
didn't meet at all; this should be supported by the next cards)
14-15.How their relationship progressed throughout their lives
16-17.Person 1's main feelings for Person 2
18-19.Person 2's main feelings for Person 1
20-21.How Person 1's life ended
22-23.How Person 2's life ended
24-25.Their shared karmic lessons