Cruz de Caravaca candle, brings protection, good luck, good health, healing to your hope, improve energies at home


Feel stagnant energy at home, in your life, love, career, health? The Cruz de Caravaca symbol,

I always have this candle lit in the entrance of my home to bring protections and attract good luck, health and happiness in my home.

The intention of working with this candle is to attract protection, health and guidance into our life. The holy Caravaca cross has been used for centuries to guard against evil.

Candle comes prepared with oils and herbs for your specific situation.


Light this candle at the entrance of your home, light frankincense, myrrh incense to cleanse any negative energy from your home.

Pray psalm 23, 31, & 91 to bring protection to your home.

Write on a piece of paper your desire: and place under the candle with you name and date of birth.