Custom Figure candle working for any purpose for 5 days

Custom Figure candle working for any purpose for 5 days

All rituals are non-refundable once purchased. If you purchase multiple rituals, please keep in mind that I will purchase candles and products in advance for your rituals and will put you on my calendar, they will be non-refundable, once purchased.

No question and answer readings are allowed as this is not a reading it is a ritual.

This working will be for 5 days and will for any purpose you would like using a female figure candle.  Great working for this would be: Love road-opener, Attract luck in love, Bring new people in your life, Attract new lover, Work with specific deity for request.  I will be using 2 other candles to represent working and offering for deity.

I will also use flower as offering depending deity, Oshun Yellow, Yemaya White etc,.   This working is for 5 days and will be performed between Monday-Friday first available slot depending availabilitty. You will receive a video for each of the 5 days of the working with prayer, visualization and mini 1-2 card pull to see how working is evolving, Feel free to email me before purchasing working to schedule and provide more information.  NO questions and answer reading are allowed as this is a ritual purchase, my focus will be on your ritual and manifesting.

No work is guaranteed