Ellegua Ritual offering for road opening conducted 4 Mondays

Ellegua Ritual

All rituals are non-refundable once purchased. If you purchase multiple rituals, please keep in mind that I will purchase candles and products in advance for your rituals and will put you on my calendar, they will be non-refundable, once purchased.

No question and answer readings are allowed as this is not a reading it is a ritual.

Need a road-opener in love, career, health, finance etc.,?
Feel stuck?
Feel like things are not moving fast enough.
Doing a ritual for 4 Mondays in a row will bring road-opening.

In this listing, I will conduct Candle to Papa Ellegua in your name and make an offering to him each Monday with things he likes.

I will light 4 large 7 day candles one each Monday and I will pull cards to see what are his messages to you regarding your situation.
All I need is your DOB and picture.

I can't guarantee any outcomes, this ritual is an offering to the Papa Ellegua and prayer and by doing this work he will bless and open your roads on Divine timing.