Energies around the relationship with anyone Love. Family , Friends, Boss, Mother-In-law reading

Energies around the relationship with anyone Love. Family , Friends, Boss, Mother-In-law reading

I will work with any deck that calls to me for you specific situations. I work with Tarot cards and oracles on a daily basis and they all different energies. Depending on your situation, I will go by intuition and pick the deck for you to best suit your relationship concern. At the end of the reading I will provide you with a Hoodoo recipe as well as some manifestation ideas to attract your desired outcome in your situation.

Energies around the relationship with anyone:

1. You

2. Them

3. What is there true intentions with you

4. Past situation with them

5. Present Situation with them

6. Future Situation with

7. Obstacle to your relationship with them.

8. Which Deity is the best deity to work with in this situation.

9. 12 month outlook with them

If you have any questions about this reading please message me on etsy and I will be more than glad to answer any concerns. I am very generous with my clients and always want to help them as much as I can with my spiritual readings.

You will receive a Video of the reading which you can view and listen at your leisure and JPG picture of reading sent to your email to view with the reading within **48-72 hours of receipt of your payment**

You can message me at: denmelip1978 [!at] aol.com

Many blessings~


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