Garlic candle, drive evil spirits away, jealousy from ex-lovers, envy from known and unknown people


Miraculous Male Garlic Candle. Believed to be planted on Mount Calvary, where Jesus died, Garlic is said to possess the power of protection, particularly against demons and other such evils. Brings good luck to you in all things and stops the evil around you. This will help you get more money in your job or get a better job. Drives away all evil, hexes, curses, jinx, witchcraft, spells, and the black magic around you. This candle is intended to be burned over a period of seven days in ritual and prayer to aid you in protecting yourself, your home, or another from such evil powers.

This candle is great after a breakup, argument, or any problems that may have occurred.


Light this candle on the waning moon and add 5 tea lights to create change to any problems and obstacles you my have at this time. This candle is great to add my uncrossing and protection oil.

Write on a piece of paper the situation that occurred and pray so that all the negative energies can be removed. Great candle to light once a month on the waning moon to keep negativity at bay.