How are the feeling about me Live video reading

How are the feeling about me Live video reading

Wondering if they are interested? What they are thinking? This spread will help.

1. The most general emotions, i.e. surfacing emotions; How they feel at first glance and reaction

2. & 3. More indepth motions and read respectively (two influencing three), hidden and misunderstood emotions [ they might not quite understand], emotions too complex for words or to speak about, emotions evovling from 1.

4. What the person tells the world about how they feel which isnt always the truth and/or absent from the complete truth; What is shown about how they feel

5.What they truly feel but dont tell anyone; What they wish they could tell and if they do tell someone this is what they speak of, this is a rare occurence ( should be read in comparance with 4.)

6. Emotions that isnt realized; Not ignored but instead have not comprehensible to them at this point in time; What they need to acknowledge

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