Magical coaching to improve your love life, career, attract helpful people and more, plus a hoodoo oil for your situation

Magical coaching

Are you needing advice on how to magically you can improve your life in a specific area in your life?

Do you have a repetitive pattern in your life?

Do you have an important meeting and would like more luck?

With my years of experience and my family tradition in folk magic and magic, I can provide guidance on for any situation.

You will receive guidance:

-For 25-30 video private video.

-Hoodoo oil for your specific issue mailed to you

-Bach remedy recommendation and ritual

-Feng shui tips for your specific situation

-Psalms and Bible magic

-Angel magic

-Best Saint/Deity to work with.

-Color therapy

-Best incense to work with

-Suggestion for candle therapy to do at home

-best direction to work with

-Tarot spell suggestion

-How to apply numerology in magic

-Spiritual bath recipe for your specific situation.

-How to cast a circle before your ritual.

-Best days and time to work with (Planetary magic)

-Affirmation for your specific issue

-Herbal magic

-Best Goddess for your specific issue

-Animal medicine

-Suggestion of which novena is best for your situation

This will not include a reading. You will receive coaching for your specific situation on how to apply the above mentioned items to improve your situation.

Please send me a brief synopsis of your situation and will tailor to fit your needs.