Millionaires Hoodoo Magic Oil, attract good luck, opens doors in your career, job-hunting, road-opening, removes blocks


Who wants to be a millionaire? Everyone. But how many of us have the perseverance to keep playing at the big games of chance until we win, knowing that that day never come? This oil is also good for hard workers, entrepreneurs, an people who just want their business to grow. Candle colors are green, yellow, orange, and gold.

This hoodoo oil has Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Bayberry and Peach as well as special herbs.


On the Thursday of the waxing moon light a green candle and anoint the candle with the ashes of psalm 84 & 85 and recite these psalms for 9 nights in a row for prosperity.

You can light the candle dedicated to your deity of choice.

You can add a spiritual bath to help open your doors as well:

Need the following ingredients:

- Mint leaves

-Sage leaves

-Bay laurel leaves

-Cinnamon sticks

-Orange peels

Blend all of these in a simmering pot on a the night you light the candles to help cleanse your aura.

***This item is not intended for children

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