Mother Mary Tarot reading plus small candle ritual plus JPG of reading included.

Mother Mary Tarot reading plus small candle ritual plus JPG of reading included.

This month is dedicated to Virgin Mary, so I decided to add a reading in her name for all who seek her guidance.

Card 1-3 Her message to you regarding urgent message that you need to know

Card 4-6 Her message to you regarding your surroundings, energy, people

Card 7-9 Her message to you regarding love life, will your wish come true?

Card 10-12 Her message to you regarding career, how things go for you?

Card 13-15 Her message to you regarding unexpected events coming in your love life.

Card 16-18 Her message to you special message

Plus Oracle cards at the End.

*Ending I will do a prayer to her in your name with candle and your request.

Below is my 100% Customer satification from my clients on etsy from my readings:

Feedback left from my clients on my tarot readings:

From J:

I loooved this reading! Very accurate and fun. Den is an amazing reader!! Thank you so much for this reading, I really appreciate it

From K:

Great reading, has given me insight on what to focus on. Thank you, I will be back for another reading soon :)

From A:

I cannot say enough good things about Denise. Her generosity is enormous and her talent is as extraordinary. I always come back for her amazing accuracy and kindness.

From A:

As always Denise is one of the best readers I have ever met. She knows so much about the cards, yet zeroes in on exactly what the correct meaning for your question would be. I highly recommend her readings. She is insightful, kind and blessed with a true gift. All of her readings are built with the intention of wanting to help you feel better and get answers. That definitely comes across. I'm a big fan and look forward to working with her for a LONG TIME coming!

From C:

One of the most detailed and insightful readings. Highly recommended to anybody. Den is really fantastic at what she does.

From J:

Wonderful, Insightful, Accurate, Honest, Uplifting. Highly Recommend. Enjoy coming back time and again.

From R:

Another intriguing reading-very insightful. Very pleased with the results. I highly recommend AngelicTarot for your readings. I will continue to ask Denise for my future reading. She is a joy to work with.

From C:

I so enjoyed speaking with you and receiving clear insights I could trust as I find my direction on this business project. Great!

From R:

A very intriguing reading for the next three months. The last 3-month reading I had has been spot on so far. I highly recommend AngelicTarot for your readings.

From L:

Denise is wonderful at gleaning information for me in all Areas of my life and she is very helpful and goes the extra mile To make sure all my questions are answered. I have been and will be back time and again!!

From D:

Super interesting reading that had my jaw dropped so many times. A lot of things from the reading are so spot on and I'm still amazed and quite speechless about it. She is also very nice and always responds to questions. Thank you so much!! :)

From A:

After the reading I felt so good and very positive. I was so depressed and mad with the whole world but after the reading with "Den" I felt like I can see the light at the end of tunnel very soon, I have hope and feel alive again .. such a wonderful feeling and most of the reading was similar to the other reading I got last week from CA psychic so it comfirmed to me that both of them are real and very true psychic .. I can hold my head up and smile again .. thank you much Den .. I'll be back for more reading ..

From M:

This is my second reading with Den; my first was a general gypsy card reading and everything she told me came true (even the stuff I thought she'd be totally wrong about). This one had more specific questions, and she is SO bang on! She's picked up on everything going on now. I can't recommend her more highly - don't hesitate to get a reading from her!

From D:

Denise has such a wonderful energy about her - even when she's telling you things that are hard to hear, she does it in such a loving way that you can see it as a blessing. Highly recommend.

During a spiritual consultation, you can explain symptoms and signs in the recent past, and I will offer advice about spell-casting, altar work and prayers, or candle magic, and may offer prescriptions for talismans, mojo bags, herbal preparations, conjure oils or spiritual baths you can do to improve your situation.

**You will receive a Video of the reading which you can view and listen at your leisure and JPG picture of reading sent to your email to view with the reading within **48-72 hours of receipt of your payment**

You can now choose which deck you would like for your reading and email or convo with your payment of which you would like or I can suggest one for you based on your needs.

The Cat Pagan Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot

The Gaian Tarot

The Transparent Tarot

Wildwood Tarot

Tarot of the Sidhe

DruidCraft Tarot


Inner Child Tarot Cards

Wizards Tarot

Vampire Tarot

Tarot of the Vampires

Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Shadowscape Tarot

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Fallen Angel Oracle Cards

Crystal Tarot

Faerie Tarot

Shakespeare Tarot

Manga Tarot

Mona Lisa Tarot

Goddess Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot

Gilded Tarot

Aleister Crowley Tarot

Fenestra Tarot

Fairytale Tarot

Golden Tarot

Quest Tarot

Morgan Greer-Tarot

Mythic Tarot

Animals Divine Tarot

Heart of the Fairy Oracle

Mystic Faerie Tarot

Oracle of the Dragonfae

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Pagan Tarot

Wild Wisdom Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

I am known for providing very Accurate and personalized readings, I am very accurate and very dedicated to my clients. Review my feedback from my youtube channel before purchasing, and you will see my clients are well pleased. You will hear from me soon after your order, and at that time you will be given an estimate of arrival time. Thank you so much for your patience and blessings to you as you assist me with providing guidance for you through the Angelic realm.

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Many blessings~


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