Powerful Divination reading for any situation or General reading Plus rootwork recommendation at the end


Confused? Looking for answers? In this reading you receive a powerful In-depth reading with three powerfui systems. At the end based on the energies I will recommend a ritual for you to do to improve in your situation.

In this magical reading: I will use 3 powerful divination systems for your situation. I will do an Astrological spread with the Tarot, Cartomancy and Lenormand cards in this spread to see what is going on in your situation. I will use my Cartomancy playing cards and do the Lost man spread from Ana Cortez System for you and your partner (Optional) to see what energies are around you currently and around you . I will do a 9 card reading with my Lenormand cards, with past, present and Future this spread also will be read in many forms vertical, horizontal and diagonally for a great reading. This reading is the most in-depth reading I have created so far. It will be broken into two days since it is such a large spread. You can submit up-to 13 questions for this reading.