Root Chakra Healing and Balancing Oil

Root Chakra Healing and Balancing Oil
Root Chakra Healing and Balancing Oil

I am including all of my chakra oils individually now.

Root Chakra Oil: Blended formula consist of Frankincense and Patchouli plus special herbs

This deep red chakra grounds and connects us to the earth. When our root chakra is open, we feel a sense of belonging. We deserve to be here and to be happy. This chakra focuses on our needs. Imbalances: Symptoms of overdevelopment: greed, recklessness, hyperactivity, carelessness, diarrhea, wasting away Symptoms of underdevelopment: poverty, low energy, listlessness, clumsiness, constipation, obesity, chronic fatigue Someone with good balance will be healthy, fit, grounded, prosperous, centered and strong.

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