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Santas VIDEO Tarot reading JPG of reading is included

Santas VIDEO Tarot reading JPG of reading is included

Santas VIDEO Tarot reading:
These is a wonderful reading to do for the Holidays. Grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and just enjoy this wonderful Christmas reading, in which the Tarot will bring you guidance for this these Season. This reading can help you see what to expect this holiday. I will be using my Inner Child Tarot cards in which there theme is very Spiritual and Holiday oriented. If you would like me to focus on a specific area please let me know and I will be more than glad. Also if you would like me to use a specific deck please let me know as well Happy Holidays!

1) Wish List: This is your dreams and goals
2) Gift wrap: this is was covers you, the shows the energy around you
3) Toys: This represent the gift for you this Holiday season
4) Reindeers: What situation will be unblocking
5) Elves: Who or what will be your helper this season
6) North Pole: Your finances this season
7) Candy cane: Your treat this season
8) Snow: What may be an obstacle for you 
9) Ms. Claus: Your love life
10) Rudolph: The miracle that is coming to you
11) Santa Claus: the message from your Divine Helpers for this season
12-15) Extra Oracle cards**