Scrying bowl and Tarot reading combo with Black and White Tarot cards to clarify any issue JPG of reading is included


Scrying Bowl- The Wiccan art of scrying is the act of gazing into an object, usually a dark bowl of water, or mirror, to reveal insight. This was used in many forms all over the world, and is still a common form of divination today.

~~~ In this reading I will conduct a reading with scrying bowl in which, I will answer your questions based with the images that are seen in the bowl. Afterwards will do a 8 card reading on your situations to bring more insight with my new Black and White Tarot cards to bring a clear answer to your situation. I will add oracles at the end for added insight!

1. Past

2. Present

3. Hidden Influences

4. Angels/Spirit Guides and messages

5. Next Month overview on the situation

6. Your Guide that is helping you message

7. Energies around the situation

8. Outcome/Future outlook

**You will receive a Video of the reading which you can view and listen at your leisure and JPG picture of reading sent to your email to view with the reading within **48-72 hours of receipt of your payment**

I am light worker with lots of success in bringing My professional background and education is in Law, and I am a MBA graduate. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring metaphysics, psychic phenomena, religion, folk magic, and divination.


When conducting a psychic reading, I provide straight-to-the-point information that will leave you feeling empowered and suggest ways that you can change your situation, either on your own or by retaining my rootwork services on your behalf.

You can message me at: denmelip1978 [!at]

Many blessings~


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