St. Anthony Hoodoo Oil, to bring back a lover, enhance a relationship, Bring back a lost object, Difficult cases

St. Anthony Hoodoo Oil

Can't find something or someone you are looking for? Use our St. Anthony Oil to petition the patron Saint of lost things and missing persons to help you find what you are looking for, bring back a lover, . Wear this oil on the body or use to anoint a Saint Anthony candle.

This is great oil to work with St. Anthony who is the Patron of love, bringing back of love, lost items, people . Anoint a Rose candle from the top to the bottom with my St. Anthony Oil to bring positive energy to any situation. You can use this oil to anoint your home to bring back an ex lover.

Light two pink candles representing both you and your lover and carve your name on each candle. Anoint the candles with my St. Anthony oil. Then pray 111 - Love, - To attract ... (Verse 4) to attract lover for 7 days.

My oils are made with the Pure organic essential oils and in this Hoodoo formula there is Peppermint Organic Oil, Cypress Oil, Rose Oil, Pennyroal and Patchouli Herb which brings happiness to your love life..

***This item is not intended for children

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