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Petition Yemaya if you are a woman. You may pray to her with matters of the home, fertility, family, and love. In her kind state, Yemaya is the giver of life, so if you are seeking to have a child, pray to Yemaya. Yemaya is also the very essence of femininity. Her emotions then are feminine as well. She is very distressed over the situation of her beloved Earth Mother, so pray to her for the Healing of Mother Earth. She is great to help mend issues with the family as well when there are concerns of disagreements on a constant basis. She is very protective.

She will bless you if you make offerings of copper to her as well. She loves new, shiny pennies. If you make a candle offering to her, place 3 shiny pennies with the candle to give the work extra energy. Yemaya also adores pearls. Pray Psalm 103 to bring fertility and conceive a baby and anoint the candles with this oil in the waxing moon-full moon.

For Protection work Pray Psalm 91 and light a white candle and anoint the candle with my oil.

Any work done for Yemaya will be extra strong if performed during the full-moon. The full moon of July is her favorite moon!

Yemaya's favorite colors are blue, silver, and white, like her beloved waters.

This oil is best used to Blue and white candles, you can use it for anointing oneself to attract pregnancy. My oils are made with the Pure organic essential oils and in this formula there is Watermelon, Balsam and Melon oil and Chinese Herb for fertility Chrysanthymum and sea shells will be placed in the bottle as well!

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